35 Gorgeous Pictures of Spring

We’ve put together posts with inspirational photos for summer, fall, and winter, and now we’re finally showcasing the beauty of spring! Though it’s the last season we’re featuring, it’s certainly not the least interesting, especially for nature photographers. Here are some of the best subjects to photograph this spring.

Ideas for Spring Photos

Tree Blossoms

Tree blossoms, and particularly cherry blossoms, are a symbol of spring. When trees begin to flower, it’s a sure sign that warmer weather is on the way. A simple, colorful photo of tree blossoms can be striking enough, but you can experiment with bokeh or black and white photography, too. You can also use the blossoms as a frame for other subjects, instantly giving your photo a spring feel.

Sheri Elizabeth (Sheri Baker) – Spring Tendrils

Sheri Elizabeth (Sheri Baker) - Spring blossoms

Carina – Cherry blossoms in Washington DC

Carina - Cherry blossoms in Washington DC

Grant Simon Rogers – TERRA INCOGNITA

Grant Simon Rogers - spring blossoms

R Casey – Cherry cherry

R Casey - Cherry blossoms

Ferry Noothout – Betuwe in spring….

Ferry Noothout - Betuwe in spring

Spring Flowers

Crocuses, tulips, daffodils, bluebells… After tree blossoms, spring flowers are the next subject photographers love shooting during springtime. Sometimes, these flowers even show up before winter is over, leading to colorful flower shots in the snow. It doesn’t matter how bleak the rest of the landscape looks; a single spring flower can make the whole scene look beautiful.

Peter Stenzel – Clematis

Peter Stenzel - Clematis

Joe – Crocuses

Joe - Crocuses

Enrique EKOGA – Blue Carpet

Enrique EKOGA - Bluebells, Halle Forest, Belgium

Bernie Kasper – Virginia Bluebells

Bernie Kasper - Virginia Bluebells

Jim Smith – chasing the sun

Jim Smith - daffodils

New Leaves

Although flowers tend to get the most attention during springtime, new leaves can be just as lovely. Their bright green color works especially great against a dark background. And, like flowers, they can be wonderful subjects for bokeh photos.

bubbleooooo2009- Wonder

spring leaf

R Casey – and finally spring…

R Casey - spring leaves

Sheri Elizabeth (Sheri Baker) – The Big Debut

Sheri Elizabeth (Sheri Baker) - green spring leaf

Galib Emon – New Born Leaf

Galib Emon - new leaf

R Casey – leaves

R Casey - spring leaves

Green Grass

Although you can photograph green grass at any time of the year, it has a brightness that particularly fits the freshness of spring. Besides, lush green grass is often more common in the spring before the dryness of summer sets in. Like flowers, you can use green grass to brighten dreary subjects like bare trees, or you can simply get a close-up shot of dew-covered grass, right as the sun rises.

jordan parks – wednesday

jordan parks - dew on green grass


Roberto.mac. - bare tree in green field

nicolas bello

nicolas bello


Mundl_Photographie - green grass

James Drury – oscillate wildly

James Drury -Clifford’s Tower in spring with daffodils

Spring Birds

Birds are another subject you can photograph at any time of the year, but they’re especially appropriate to photograph in the spring as they migrate back from their winter roosts. They also combine well with other spring subjects like tree blossoms.

Traditionally, robins are viewed as a sign of spring, but in fact, they’re more adaptable than other species and can survive in snowy winter landscapes just fine. Still, their colorful feathers match the spirit of springtime, so they’ve managed to keep their reputation as spring birds!

Jerry – 白耳畫眉 Heterophasia Auricularis

Jerry - 白耳畫眉 Heterophasia Auricularis

Ron Lee – on top of the world..

Ron Lee - robin

Al Gieryna – Cardinal

Al Gieryna - Cardinal

norasphotos4u – Backyard Visitor

norasphotos4u - bluebird

Lindell Dillon – New Mama

Lindell Dillon - bird building nest

Newborn Animals

While some wild animals like bears and squirrels give birth in the dead of winter, the majority wait until spring has begun. That’s because spring is the easiest season for animals to survive in. The weather is getting warmer, and there’s plenty of food available, like the green grass mentioned earlier.

Of course, if you can’t find any newborn animals, you can always have a spring-themed photo shoot with a dog or cat. It can end up being just as cute.

Tim Pokorny – Spring Lamb

Tim Pokorny - Spring Lamb

Rosie Chilton – Baby rabbit

Rosie Chilton - Baby rabbit

Lindell Dillon – Parental decisions

Lindell Dillon - bird feeding baby

Jette Baltzer – Animal/Pet

Jette Baltzer - duckling

DaPuglet (Tina) – Happy Easter ~ Joyeuses Pâques

DaPuglet (Tina) - Dog with Bunny Ears

Spring Celebrations

Springtime has been celebrated for centuries. Nowadays, that joy is evident in celebrations like Easter and Holi, which are important to a large part of the world. In addition to those, the season has holidays like Mother’s Day, which are smaller yet still significant.

All of these celebrations are opportunities for photographers to capture beauty, culture, and memories. Whatever holidays are important to you in the spring, remember to take a photo to commemorate them! Even if you can’t attend a big event or be with your loved ones, you can still do something to make the holiday special.

jordan parks

jordan parks - Easter rabbit mask

Tenia Prokalamou – YiaYia’s Easter Koulourakia

Tenia Prokalamou - Easter Koulourakia

André Bogaert – Pillow Marching

André Bogaert - Sicilian Easter at the Leica Store, Miami

Shamini – Holi Rain

Shamini - Holi Rain

Tuhin alom Photography – Color Ful, Holi Day

Tuhin alom Photography - Bangladesh DHAKA Holi Festival