2018 Photography Challenge: 52 Places to Photograph

In 2017, we created a Photography Challenge with 52 subjects to photograph throughout the year. Some of you took on this challenge and shared all your shots with us. We loved seeing your creativity, dedication, and cool photos, so we decided to do the same thing for 2018, only with a twist.

Instead of photographing specific subjects, the 2018 Photography Challenge focuses on places. What you decide to photograph in that location is up to you. The main goal is to get out, go somewhere, and experience the world through your camera.

We’ve tried to make the list as accessible as possible, allowing for a range of home bases and budgets. In other words, you don’t have to be rich or live in a city to visit all 52 places. You can adapt them to your situation, choosing places that best fit each idea.

Download our printable list and check off every place you visit. It doesn’t matter how, when, or what order you visit them. Simply visit all 52 places by the end of the year to complete this challenge!

As always, post your photos in our Flickr group, tag @thephotoargus on Instagram, or share them with us on Twitter and we’ll repost our favorite shots.

Click the image below for a printable PDF.

2018 Photography Challenge

For inspiration, check out these ideas and photos, selected from our amazing Flickr group.

A Forest

Some photographers go out in the woods every week, while others feel lost or uninspired in a forest. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out our post about capturing hidden natural beauty. If there aren’t any forests in your area, try visiting a garden center or finding a mini-forest with a few trees.

Jaromir Hron – Autumn

Jaromir Hron - Autumn

An Old Building

Just make sure it’s safe to enter first.

Darren Sethe – Fort Stevens

Darren Sethe - Fort Stevens

A Creek or River

A dry riverbed or creekbed could also work.

R Casey – falling down the river

R Casey - falling down the river

Someplace You Love

A favorite restaurant, theater, or corner of your home could all work. Anywhere, basically.

ninasclicks – The table is ready

ninasclicks - The table is ready

Someplace You Hate

Ditto, only opposite. Maybe you’ll discover a small part of the place you can appreciate, if only as a picture.

Fistfulofpowder – Henday

Fistfulofpowder - Henday

A Zoo, Aquarium, or Nature Reserve

We’ve included “nature reserve” as an option in case zoos/aquariums are uncommon in your area. You could also try visiting a pet store with aquariums or a grocery store with fresh seafood in aqauriums.

jordan parks – at the zoo

jordan parks - at the zoo

A Big City

You can decide what “big” means.

Lidija Bondarenko – Manhattan from Edgewater

Lidija Bondarenko - Manhattan from Edgewater

A Tiny Town

Aim for really small–the kind of place where everyone knows or recognizes each other. A Chinatown, Koreatown, or other ethnic neighborhood could also work if you’re limited to a city.

Ahmad Syukaery – Farmers, Vang Vieng, Laos

Ahmad Syukaery - Farmers, Vang Vieng, Laos

Someplace Foreign

You don’t need to visit the other side of the world (though that’d be cool, too). Anyplace unfamiliar could be considered foreign, even if it’s close to where you live.

Ahmad Syukaery – Going to Market, Banjarmasin

Ahmad Syukaery - Going to Market, Banjarmasin

A Friend’s Home

Giving you a good excuse to visit.

Lindsey – Windows to the Soul….

Lindsey - Windows to the Soul....

A Porch or Balcony

Bring out a chair and a cold drink, and you’ve got a perfect summer evening.

Darren Sethe – Brownsmead

Darren Sethe - Brownsmead

A Library or Book Shop

Books and readers are so photogenic, you might end up with dozens of great photos.

Runar Eilertsen – Lise @ the Tromsø Library

Runar Eilertsen - Lise @ the Tromsø Library

A Carnival or Amusement Park

They can be festive, fun, or creepy. Whatever the atmosphere, you can get cool photos.

Wanlapa Tantiprasongchai

Wanlapa Tantiprasongchai

Someplace Weird

What “weird” means is totally up to you. It could be a weird museum, a weird store, or even a weird part of your neighborhood.

{Flixelpix} David – The Giant’s Causeway

{Flixelpix} David - The Giant's Causeway

A Family Member’s Home

With or without them present.

Jim Smith – cousins

Jim Smith - cousins

A Desert

The word “desert” has several definitions. It can be a dry region, a lifeless part of the ocean, or any place that’s missing something, like culture. Use any definition you like.

Tristan ‘Shu’ Lebeschu – The Storm

Tristan 'Shu' Lebeschu - The Storm

Wherever the Rain Goes

A street gutter, a river, the ocean… Even a water treatment facility could be interesting.

Slavina Bahchevanova – Fallen

Slavina Bahchevanova - Fallen

A Parking Lot

Or “car park,” if you prefer.

Lindell Dillon – Scissor-tailed flycatcher

Lindell Dillon - Scissor-tailed flycatcher

Someplace Dogs Love

Think really happy, beyond average dog happiness.

Hammerin Man – Smiling Face of Fiore

Hammerin Man - Smiling Face of Fiore

A Sidewalk

Any sidewalk will do. Although, obviously, some sidewalks are better than others.



A Bridge

If you’re really ambitious, try visiting one of the best bridges in the world for photography. Then again, not all beautiful bridges are famous. Maybe you’ll discover an incredible local bridge to photograph.

Giovanna Tucker – London Tower Bridge Light Trails

Giovanna Tucker - London Tower Bridge Light Trails

Someplace you want to go

Venice? Peru? The restaurant down the street? Near or far, it doesn’t matter.

Zed The Dragon – Busy Morning in Paris

Zed The Dragon - Busy Morning in Paris

A Grocery Store

Turn a mundane shopping trip into a fun photo shoot.

Matthew Coughlin – ESPN The Magazine – Alabama Face Guy

Matthew Coughlin - ESPN The Magazine - Alabama Face Guy

A Farm or Garden

Endless farm fields, a windowsill garden, a backyard strawberry patch… All can be beautiful.

Andy Farmer – Farm Scene

Andy Farmer - Farm Scene

A Fountain or Swimming Pool

Just make sure you have a good camera strap to protect your camera from accidental drops.

RaffaLUCE – Retro Swim

RaffaLUCE - Retro Swim

A Playground or Sports Field

Both locations are great for action shots and candid portraits, but even empty playgrounds and sports fields can give you plenty to work with.

Yane Naumoski – Damaged

Yane Naumoski - Damaged

Someplace with a Good View

Climb a mountain, drive to a nice viewpoint, or take an elevator to the top floor of a tall building. If you’re lucky, maybe you already have a fantastic view from your home.

Dave Allen Photography – Smoky Mountains Sunrise

Dave Allen Photography - Smoky Mountains Sunrise

Someplace with a Stunning Night Sky

If you’re struggling to get a good shot, check out these tips for photographing the night sky.

Rebecca – Birth of Dragon

Rebecca - Birth of Dragon

A Pub, Bar, or Café

Have a favorite place you like to hang out? Try capturing what you like about that place. Or, for something fast and simple, go for the classic drink-on-table shot.



A Dark Place

Going out at night is an easy way to check off this one. For inspiration, look at this night street photography or these magical cityscapes at night.

maria izaurralde – dandelions of the urban jungle

maria izaurralde - dandelions of the urban jungle

Someplace Secret or Hidden

Need ideas? Try searching for historical or natural sites in your area. They might have interesting stories that involve secrecy or unexpected discoveries. Caves, coves, and attics are also good places to consider for this one.

grazynaphotography – Dewstow Gardens and Grottoes….. Monmouthshire

grazynaphotography - Dewstow Gardens and Grottoes..... Monmouthshire

A Popular Tourist Destination

You can go big (the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, etc.), but a local tourist spot is fine, too.

Matthew Johnson – Tourists!

Matthew Johnson - Tourists!

A Public Park

From massive national parks to tiny city parks, all have interesting scenes and subjects to capture.

Robert Felton – Sunburst Embankment

Robert Felton - Sunburst Embankment

An Airport or Airstrip

You don’t have to fly anywhere, per se. You can get cool shots even without a plane ticket.

Lidija Bondarenko – Airplane and Rainbow

Lidija Bondarenko - Airplane and Rainbow

A Grassy Field

Photographing the grass, green or brown, is an obvious first choice for this location, but don’t feel limited by it. Morning dew, a lost toy, or a gorgeous skyline are a few other subjects you could photograph in a grassy field.

Mariana – Kissing the sun

Mariana - Kissing the sun

A Local Landmark

Depending on your hometown, this landmark could be a world-famous tourist site or a weird statue all locals know about. If you’re not sure what classifies as a landmark, try looking at some local postcards. Or ask yourself how you’d give directions without Google.

Nimit Nigam – Blue Just Started…

Nimit Nigam - Blue Just Started...

Inside a Car

One subject for our 2017 Photography Challenge was cars. This time, we want to see your cool shots from the inside.

Donnie Nunley – Rail Crossing

Donnie Nunley - Rail Crossing

A Train, Tram, or Bus Stop

Rapid transit (i.e. metro or underground) also counts.

Michele Lazzarini – Lost metro

Michele Lazzarini - Lost metro

Someplace Peaceful

For some, peaceful could mean a sunny beach, while others prefer a windowsill on a rainy day. Use your own definition of peaceful.

Mariano Colombotto – Peaceful haven

Mariano Colombotto - Peaceful haven

Someplace Sad

If you’re used to photographing joy, this one might be a challenge. It’s also an opportunity, though. By visiting a place that saddens you, you’ll have a chance to experiment with a mood that’s powerful and, in its own way, beautiful.

Ferry Noothout – Berlin(Berlijn)…There is always light and life in the darkness.

Ferry Noothout - Berlin(Berlijn)...There is always light and life in the darkness.

An Ocean or Puddle

If you live in a desert far from the ocean, try going somewhere you’re likely to find man-made puddles, like a swimming pool or ranch.

Christoph Hetzmann – Puddle Mirror

Christoph Hetzmann - Puddle Mirror

A Castle or Mansion

Old or new, elegant or run-down, private or public. It doesn’t matter.

Howard Ferrier – Overlooking Stirling Castle

Howard Ferrier - Overlooking Stirling Castle

Someplace with Delicious Food

This could be a street vender you love visiting, a classy five-star restaurant, or even your own kitchen.

Cat Girl 007 – Baked

Cat Girl 007 - Baked

Wherever You’d Fly a Kite

You don’t need to bring a kite along, but if you’re there anyway…

Richard Watkins LRPS – Camber Sands

Richard Watkins LRPS - Camber Sands

Someplace Abandoned

Never tried urban decay photography before? Here’s your chance!

James Drury – picture this

James Drury - picture this

A Crowded/Cramped Space

If you get claustrophobic easily, find a place that’s on the edge of what you can and cannot tolerate.

Marco Romani – Underground Path

Marco Romani - Underground Path

On Top of a Building

The building doesn’t have to be tall or have a nice view. But it doesn’t hurt.

Christopher – City Heights

Christopher - City Heights

Under a Tree

Strange insects, sun-streaked leaves, and gnarled roots are a few examples of what you might find to photograph.

Serge Skiba – Angel Oak Tree

Serge Skiba - Angel Oak Tree

Someplace Colorful

The options are endless. Markets, festivals, gardens, butterfly conservatories, costume shops, anyplace with balloons…

Nina – Colorful Rebellion

Nina - Colorful Rebellion

A Field of Flowers

If you’re stuck in a desert the whole year, make sure you get this location in the short period when cactus flowers and other desert plants are blooming, usually early spring.

Shamini – Sunflower Garden

Shamini - Sunflower Garden

A Religious Building

Temple, synagogue, church, mosque, cathedral… There are a lot of options. Some places don’t allow photos, though, so check before you go.

Zed The Dragon – St Eustache roof

Zed The Dragon - St Eustache roof

A Party

Not invited to any parties? Throw one yourself!

jordan parks – turning 5

jordan parks - turning 5