The first musical theatre in Russia – The Russian Theatre in Moscow

Moscow theatre (Russian: Б о л ь ш о ́ й т е а ́ т р) is a long history of Russia Moscow theater, was originally designed by architect Joseph beauvais, ballet and opera performances.Before the October Revolution, it was part of the Imperial Theatre of the Russian Empire, the Marie Theatre (small theatre) in Moscow, several theatres in St Petersburg (Hermitage Theatre, Bolshoi theatre (later referred to as Kamini Theatre), later Mariinsky Theatre, etc.).

The Bolshoi Ballet is one of the oldest and most famous ballet and opera companies in the world.It is by far the largest ballet company in the world, with more than 200 dancers.The theatre is the parent company of the Moscow Grand Ballet Academy, a world-famous ballet school.It has a branch in The Bolshoi Drama School in Joinville, Brazil.

The main building of the theatre has been renovated and renovated several times in its history and is a landmark of Moscow and Russia (its iconic neoclassical facade is depicted on the Russian 100 ruble note).After six years of extensive renovations, the Bolshoi reopened on October 28, 2011.The official cost of the renovation is 21 billion rubles ($688 million).But other Russian authorities and others linked to it claim to have spent more public money.The renovations include restoring acoustics to their original quality, lost during Soviet times, and restoring the Bolshoi’s original imperial decoration.

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