Watching the sunrise from Mount Everest

To everything in the world, the sun is always mysterious and indispensable.Its warmth is the basis of our existence, its gorgeous is the power of our growth.Without it, the world would be cold and dark.So people tend to be full of infinite sentimentality towards sunset.”The setting sun is infinitely good, but it is only near dusk”. This immortal poem by Yuxi poet (Li Shangyin) draws the outline of the infinite beauty of the setting sun, but it is full of helplessness and sadness for its passing away.But to the rising sun, which is just as brilliant and just as radiant, all without exception are filled with longing and longing.The desire for sunshine, the desire for warmth, the desire for the future makes people eager to be the first to bathe in the sunshine, or even see the sunshine.For this reason, some people will choose to keep going east, but I chose to go up.Because it seems to me, regardless of time zone, that the first place to see the sunrise is the highest place in the world, and that’s the world’s highest peak: Mount Everest.

Sunrise is never an easy thing to watch, and if the fatigue of early rising can be made up by going to bed early, or the cold wind of early morning can be felled by a thick coat, then the necessary luck is not for ordinary people like you and me to decide.

Once upon a time, I always felt that I was a particularly unlucky person, and what good things passed by me, and what luck was never out of my reach.But perhaps it is such a thing experienced more, also numb, no matter what kind of things, even if only for the only glimmer of possibility, I will choose to adhere to.I do not know whether it is god’s compassion or Buddha’s mercy, so in the eyes of others futile useless things experience more, But I found myself actually a very lucky person, like the dawn at the foot of the Everest.

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