Inspiring Photography Project 365 Featuring Olivia by Andy Hayball

Since November of 2015, Andy Hayball has been working on a photography project 365, documenting a year with his daughter Olivia and the surroundings of his travels and where he lives in Sweden. Driven to take more pictures and become a better photographer, the project is a great opportunity for Andy to take advantage of some of the extra time he has to spend with Olivia (born April 2015) as she grows up as well as use his camera more.

As a portrait and wedding photographer for the past 4 years, Andy has steadily grown his photography portfolio through a variety of clients; musicians, couples, models. He loves his Canon photography gear and although he’s a firm believer in the eye and idea being the main reason behind great photos, Andy feels one of the best decisions he’s made was upgrading to the 5D series early on. The 35mm 1.4L, 50mm 1.4, and 85mm 1.8 are the Canon lenses he tends to carry around with the 50mm being his favorite.

Starting a 365 project has been pivotal in Andy’s growth as a photographer as well as a rewarding and challenging experience. “I’m seeing things I didn’t see before, reading light better than before, and anticipating moments much better than before,” Andy says. “You are forced to take pictures in some difficult weather which makes you learn to shoot in all lighting conditions.”

Here is a selection of some of his inspiring photos from the past 112 days. See more of Andy’s project on his website and connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more great pictures daily.

“I have a criteria for every day, a mantra if you will,” Andy says. “For the day to be successful and for me to feel accomplished, the daily image has to have three things; interesting light, composition, and subject. If I tick all three boxes I’m a happy man.”

Day 3 – Happy Morning

Andy Hayball - Day 3 Happy Morning

Day 9 – Lazy Tuesday

Andy Hayball - Day 9 Lazy Tuesday

Day 29 – First Solids

Andy Hayball - Day 29 First Solids

Day 36 – Story Time

Andy Hayball - Day 36 Story Time

Day 42 – Mothers Love

Andy Hayball - Day 42 Mothers Love

Day 56 – Blue Eyes

Andy Hayball - Day 56 Blue Eyes

Day 59 – Home

Andy Hayball - Day 59 Home

Day 66 – Sing-Along

Andy Hayball - Day 66 Sing-Along

Day 68 – First Snow

Andy Hayball - Day 68 First Snow

Day 77 – Nippy

Andy Hayball - Day 77 Nippy

Day 87 – Multiple Exposure

Andy Hayball - Day 87 Multiple Exposure

Day 111 – Peepo!

Andy Hayball - Day 111 Peepo!