Swiss scenery – the exquisite works of nature, never disappoint travelers

Walking into this beautiful little country of Switzerland, the colorful things are one after another, the various colors are like the goods on the shelves of the supermarket, such as tourists entering the store.Switzerland’s “color”, most can be reflected from the mountains.Take a steam composed of a brown, green gear train, a colorful dance on the hill.At first sight of the mountains, the golden rice fields glistened in the sunlight.Sometimes one or two cylindrical objects, I guess, are enclosed in wheat.The vineyard is like the green line in the rice field. In a few months, it will produce purple grapes to make a little decoration for the line.

On the hillside, coniferous forests and pastures alternate, as if it were a world of green, white and black.Nature is like a careless painter who knocks over the palette — and will be here for three years.The harmony of colors.The woman’s feelings suddenly came out of her heart.On the top of the mountain, overlooking the mountains, also appears transparent, beautiful.Switzerland’s “colors” can also be drawn from the water, lake Geneva being their representative.Clouds always seemed to float over Lake Geneva, so far away and so near that the sunlight filtered through them, casting pale grays on the surface.There was a gentle breeze, patting the broken clouds.The sky is blue, the lake is blue;The sun is golden, the lake of the sun is golden;White clouds are * *, white clouds are * *.Nature rubs the lake like the sky — it’s nature’s creation!

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