The world’s top island resort – Maldives

Maldives this is an island without du Bai, no roads, no du tall buildings.On the blue sky of 10,000 zhi in the clear sky and the clear and soft beach Dao, the sea breeze is blowing gently, the green and green coconut trees are swaying everywhere in the wind, and the clear and clear sea breeze is forming layer upon layer because of the wind.In the distance, the water meets the sky, and occasionally a small black dot moves on from far to near, the islanders crossing in the rudennis.

Under the clear water, there is another beautiful world: hidden and colorful corals, leisurely and comfortable fish swimming in the water, here is a diver’s paradise.On the shore, elegant egrets are erect, waiting for the fishes swimming leisurely in the water with the invariable attitude.The women sit in front of the house, weaving hand after hand, as if weaving the maldives islands of elegant graffiti.

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