When you talk about Iceland

One of the most striking things about Iceland is how much people love to read.It may have something to do with spending too much time indoors in the winter.

The locals say you can measure a man’s worth by seeing if he has a decent bookcase in his house.Relative to the population, there are many large bookstores, and Icelandic literature is flourishing. Herr Laxness won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1955.It is said that when he died, his masterpiece novel “Independent People” had been read over the radio for several weeks.In the meantime, the entire nation is literally glued to its radios, buses are shut down and fishing boats are grounded.That’s awesome!There are many writers, too. It is said that in Reykjavik alone, 340 “writers” are registered.As noted in the film “Cold, Cold, Cold, cold,” starring Masatoshi Nagase, Iceland has the highest percentage of writers in the world.

Walking the streets of Reykjavik around 10 o ‘clock at night, you can see the bright green aurora borealis.Never thought you’d see an aurora right in the middle of a city?Looking up at the huge green ribbon floating in the sky, the aurora was visible, changing shape every moment.Beautiful though it was, it was not only beautiful, but it seemed to have something spiritual about it, even like the soul of this magical northern island, full of moss, silence and spirits.After a while, the aurora fades as if its words were confused and its meaning blurred, and is finally sucked into the darkness and gone.

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